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Our Promise

At The Maids’ Company, we promise responsible, and trustworthy workers. Our maids are experienced and will adapt well to your household. Not just this, we allow you the flexibility of customizing your service to match your lifestyle.

Our service model rests on three pillars:


Our maids get the job done, consistently, correctly, guaranteed. Our pioneering system and meticulous staff monitoring assures worker timeliness and quality performance. This allows you to keep to your routine, without ever worrying whether your maid might be late or if she will come at all.


We don’t provide a single worker, we provide a housekeeping service. If your maid is unavailable, or if you desire a different worker, we will provide a replacement with near zero interruption to your schedule.


We conduct police verifications of all our workers. You will never have to worry whether the employee in your house can be trusted, or whether your children and family are safe. We provide regular health checkups to the workers, certifying that your family and children will not be exposed to contagions.

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