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Social Enterprise Vs. Agency

The Service:

  • We arrange for ONLY part time workers
  • We establish constant communication with you at regular intervals, so as to251-502 address any grievances that you should have and also obtain your valuable feedback
  • We insist upon a 5 day trial period in which both you and the maid can gauge the feasibility of the engagement
  • We allow customising your maid service under your guidance, within the first month of joining
  • We provide a replacement if standard service quality is not met over a duration of time
  • We provide police verification

The Change Maker:

  • The Maids’ Company is a collective – the employees are part owners in the company
  • The Maids are on the payrolls of the company and are provided Provident Fund & ESI cards
  • We extend financial services to our employees who do not have access to financial institutions
  • We instil Dignity in the maids such that they move away from the 1Z1-871 tag of “I am a servant” to that of “I am working for a Company”
  • We equip them with skills and orient them to urban living, so they are aligned to current client needs
  • We strive to bring about a standardization in the sector

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