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  • Each household in India is unique. The Maids Company offers well-trained employees, who will customize work styles to match your needs. However, the best service will always require a period of in-home adaptation. In order to assure homecare just the way you like it, The Maids’ Company utilizes a one-month adaptation period, requiring heightened interaction with the employee for the initial month of service. Details would be provided upon request.
  • We mandatorily carry out Police Verification of all our maids, to ensure they have a clean record However, in the event that any incident involving theft or damage to equipment should occur, The Maids’ Company bears no financial responsibility whatsoever.
  • As stipulated in the service agreement, the maid is entitled to an annual leave of 48 days (4 days per month). The Maids’ Company shall provide replacements for any leave in excess of 48 days. Any requests for replacements within the annual leave period shall be obliged but at an additional cost,as stipulated in the service agreement.
  • The estimate shared is indicative and actual costs might differ marginally. In the estimate, the charges for cleaning are calculated on the basis of the number of rooms in the house; however in practice, the charges are calculated as a function of actual floor area. The charges for washing clothes and utensils and for cooking meals are calculated on the basis of the number of members in the household.

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