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1. Why Maids company needs to succeed – the attached ILO report on Global and regional estimates on domestic workers estimated 4.2 million domestic workers in India and highlighted that 2.2 % of all women employed in India were domestic workers (informal!) – see box on page 4 in the report for details. For full report click here.

2. For more in-depth policy look on domestic workers check out the ILO page.

a. The 100th International Labour Conference (ILO), held from 1 to 17 June 2011 at Geneva, Switzerland has adopted a Convention supplemented by a Recommendation on Decent Work for Domestic Workers. Finally !!! To read more click here.

b. In August 2010, the ILO also published a report (the so called brown report) — “Decent work for domestic workers” and invited governments to send comments to the ILO on the proposed text of a Convention and Recommendation. Full report here.

c. In March 2011, the ILO published another two part report (the so called blue report) — “Decent work for domestic workers”. Part A consisted of replies of the governments’, employers’ and workers’ organizations to the questions put forward by the ILO in the Brown report and Part B contained the final draft texts of the Convention and Recommendation that was used as a basis for negotiations in June 2011. To read the Blue Report click here.

4. Domestic workers wants a better life too — Read more.

5. Economics Journal: India’s Opportunity Gap Read more.

6. There is a reason why domestic workers needs organisational protection. Read more.

7. Min wages for domestic workers. Read more.

8. Did you know that there is actually a social security law for the organised sector, but check out the critique of it too.

9. The economic growth in India can not be a “jobless growth curve” – as this paper argues (though less strongly than it should) – the benefit of economic growth must result in increased and secure employment for the poor in India, hopefully TMC can show that it is indeed possible to tap “classic” market solutions for poverty reduction. Read more.

10. In an paper for E-social sciences, Velusamy Jegatheesan, finds out evidence from a slum in Delhi that there indeed has been feminisation of informal urban labour (i.e.the female has risen in the employment status then the male) but they have been deprived in the earning capability than the male in the informal sector. Read more.

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